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Fiddle and Thread Sterling Silver George Adams Victorian Canteen Cutlery

Stock Code 306965
Maker(s) GEORGE ADAMS, London and Chawner & Co (George William Adams)
Country of Origin London England
Dated 1825
Medium Sterling Silver
Condition Good

A very good Victorian set of Sterling silver cutlery in fitted canteen box. All by the very famous spoon maker, George Adams of Chawner & Company, London.

Although the set is all by George Adams and it comprises a variety of years of manufacture.
1 Dozen Table Spoon 1857 – 1970
1 Dozen Table forks 1855 – 1861
1 Dozen Dessert Forks 1850 and 1853
1 Dozen Dessert Spoon 1852 – 1869
1 Dozen Tea spoon 1846 – 1879
2 Salt spoon 1863
together with:-
1 Dozen Table knives 20th Century as knew
1 Dozen Dessert/Cheese/Luncheon Knives 20th Century as knew

In addition 2 sauce ladles by William Chawner London 1825

The Red leather covered canteen box having brass corners and all fitted inside for individual pieces.

Price £7,200.00

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